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Books Before 1900
(Sorted by copyright date/time period of illustrations. Click on image to see sample pages)
* Newbery Honor Book

Mother Goose's 
Nursery Rhymes, 
Jingles and Tales
"One exhaustive volume" that includes "Nursery Rhymes, 
Tales, and Jingles," (James
Burn, 1844) "Popular Nursery Tales," (uncertain) and
"Nursery Rhymes and Tales" (James Orchard Halliwell, 
1849) and "many hundreds 
of illustrations."

c. 1840s (illustrations)
c. 1890 edition
Frederick Warne and Co


Francis & Co.'s Little Library:
For Young Persons of Various Ages

 The Ugly Duck
and other Tales
by Hans Christian Andersen
with illustrations
(illustrator unknown)

c. of stories variable 
(1837, 1843, etc.)
c. 1856 illustrations
C. S Francis & Co.




Francis & Co.'s Little Library:
For Young Persons of Various Ages

 A Christmas Greeting
 13 New Stories
from the Danish
by Hans Christian Andersen
(illustrator unknown)

c. of stories variable 
(1845, 1847 etc.)
c. 1858 illustrations
C. S Francis & Co.




My Picture Book
No Stated author 
or Illustator

c. 1860
America Tract Society





Through the
Looking Glass
by Lewis Carroll
Illustrated by John Tenniel

c. 1870 
(J. Tenniel's Illustrations)
Date of this edition unknown,
Designed and produced by
The Domesday Press, In. for
Whittlesey House
McGraw-Hill Book Co.



Child Life in Prose
Edited by 
John Greenleaf Whittier
(illustrator Unknown)
Authors include Nathaniel 
Hawthorne, Celia Thaxter,
Charles Dickens, John G. 
Whittier, Harriet Beecher
 Stowe,  Hans Christian
 Andersen, And Grimm

c. 1874
James R. Osgood and Co.


Kate Greenaway's 
Family Treasure
Selections From
A Apple Pie, 
Book of Games, 
Marigold Garden, 
Mother Goose and
Under the Window

c. 1878-1889
Crown Pub. edition, 1979


Fairy Tales
Illustrated by Gustave Dore 
and other artists

c. of Illustrations uncertain/
variable (Those by Dore prior
 to 1883) Date of this edition 
unknown (1920s?) but 
inscription inside indicates it
was Christmas gift  in 1927
M.A Donohue & Company, Chicago  


The Adventures of 
Robinson Crusoe
for Young People
Edited by William T. Adams

c. 1881
Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Co.
1909 edition



Two Teaparties
by Rosalie Vanderwater
with illustrations by 
Wilson De Meza

c 1882 by O. M. Dunham
Published by
 Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co. Pub.
Donaldson Brothers, 
First Edition

Children's Thoughts
in Song and Story 
Words by 
Louise Dumaresque Blake
Designs by Wilson de Meza

c. 1883 by O. M. Dunham
Published by
 Cassell & Company, Limited
Donaldson Brothers, Lithographers
First Edition


The Hey Diddle
Diddle Picture Book
 by R. Caldecott

c. 1883
Frederick Warne and Co, Inc.




Daddy Darwin's
A Country Tale 
by Juliana Horatia Ewing 
Author of Jackanapes 
Illustrated by 
Randolph Caldecott

c. 1884
Society for Promoting 
Christian Knowledge
Apparent first edition


Sparkling Truths
Bright Poems and Most
Interesting Stories to Instruct
and Amuse the Little Folks
"Beautifully Illustrated"
Edited by Wynn Field

c. 1890
Empire Publishing Co.
Apparent first edition

Mother Goose
Illustrated with Full-Page
 Color Plates and Numerous 
Pictures in Black and White"

c. 1890
The Platt & Peck Co.

Topsys & Turvys
by Peter Newell
(cover missing, image
is of title page)

c. 1893
The Century Co.
First Edition





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