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Teachers  . . . are you looking for ideas, activities and materials to
                   supplement your classroom units?          

    Parents . . . do you home school your children or just want
          to extend their classroom learning?

                                             Kids . . . just want some fun?

Then this page is for you!

My books offer a wide variety of curriculum connections for the preschool and elementary classrooms.
I am developing ideas for supplemental activities, games, crafts, and reproducible worksheets to
use with my books. Just click on the book or series that interest you. Feel free to print out the
sheets and use them freely. I will be adding to this continually so check back often.

 Thanks and enjoy!


Picture Books


It's Time!
Illustrated by Jill Newton

Attention Teachers and librarians:
Itís Time
! makes a terrific addition to 
school reading programs for kindergarten
   through second grade. 

 It is NOW AVAILABLE in multiple
sets at 40% discount or more!

For more information or to order, click here.


Animals are a natural part of the curriculum
       for young children, especially farm animals. 
It's Time! is a fun and easy to read barnyard
        story for preschool and early elementary
       children. The excitement builds as the animals
         spread the  word  around the barnyard. 
But what is it time for?

        Repetition, rhythm and rhyme all work
     together to help even the youngest children,
   who soon who will soon be reading
  the story independently.

             Click here for curriculum connections,
                      activities, and worksheets


All Year Long  
Illustrated by Linda Bronson


Curriculum connections coming soon!

Nonfiction Books 


Planning a unit on the countries of the world?

Click here for curriculum connections, 
activities and worksheets to use with my books.




Countries of the World Series



True Books-Countries Series


Questions and Answers Series



Includes Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Rhode Island, and Utah)

Curriculum Connections Coming Soon







Early Civilizations
Includes Ancient Egypt and Ancient China

Curriculum Connections Coming Soon


Curriculum Connections Coming Soon

Includes Massachusetts, New Hampshire,
and Rhode Island



National Monuments
Includes Lincoln Memorial and Statue of Liberty

Curriculum Connections Coming Soon







Includes Predators in the Wild
(Great White Shark, Grizzly Bears, and Hawks)
and Zoo Animals
 (Out and About at the

Curriculum Connections Coming Soon


Includes BMX Bikes, Dragsters,
 Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing

Curriculum Connections Coming Soon






Includes Hindenburg and Titanic

Curriculum Connections Coming Soon



Includes Satellites and Space Walks

Curriculum Connections Coming Soon





Include Clara Barton

Curriculum Connections Coming Soon


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