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This page is simply for my own fun, intended only as a  way to share some of the little treasures I have found  over the years. I have gathered them from many sources, for nickels, dimes, quarters, for free . . . . from yard sales, library book sales, from an elderly neighbor who wanted to give them to someone who would appreciate and enjoy them.

Some of the books are older, some not so old, some are first editions, some not. While I know that some have value as collectables, that was never my intent as my shelves filled and bookcases increased. For me it was only ever about the fun of seeing the wonderful variety of children's pictures books over the years. For that reason I am sorting them by original publication date to show the styles of the time period, and will note if the book is a first or later edition.

These pages are a work in progress, changing and building as time permits. In addition to adding books and  noting award winners, I am also including tidbits of interesting information as I find it, such as noting first book by well known authors or illustrators, and links to interesting outside sites. 

I have many more books than what you see here. I will add to the pages when I can, so check back often.  Hope you have fun browsing.---Kathy

Since 1938, the Caldecott Medal has been awarded each year to the artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children published in the United States during the preceding year.

  *** Caldecott Winner                 * Caldecott Honor

Since 1922, the Newbery Medal has been awarded each year for the most distinguished American children's book published the previous year.

*** Newbery Winner                   * Newbery Honor









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