Writers' Groups

         So you have a great idea, you grab that paper and pencil, or rush to the computer and write, write write.
             It all comes out in one brilliant rush. Then you sit back and think, "This is wonderful!" Or maybe the opposite
             happens. You sit back, read your creation, and wonder whatever made you think you could write.  For any
             writer, it is easy to think your work is brilliant or terrible. Probably, the truth lies somewhere in between, so
             how do you know?
For most writers, one of the most important things they can do is get feedback on their work. I don't
             mean a well-meaning husband who says, "Gee, that's great honey," or your kids who will often listen to
             whatever you read to them just because you are giving them some time. While your family may make you
             feel good, they are generally not terribly helpful in objectively assessing your work or offering suggestions
             for improvements. For most writers, that kind of feedback comes from a writing critique group. A group of
             other writers, working toward the same goals, can offer that objective eye and ear, see strengths and
             weaknesses in your work, and offer suggestions for improvement.

                       I have been lucky enough to have a group that has been together for many years. We call ourselves 
             The Write Sisters.



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