Countries Curriculum Connections

My country books are from three different series and can easily be incorporated
into units on countries of the world. I am developing a variety of curriculum connections.
Some are for general country themes. Other are for use with individual country books. 

Here are a few activities and worksheets to get started.
  I will be adding more and activating the links as they are ready, so check back often.


Note: Page under construction, additions/changes coming 

           Activities/worksheets for general country themes:

                      Geography Riddles: Worksheet #1
                                                         Worksheet #2

           Activities/worksheets for individual books :


      Word Search           Word Search            Word Search            Word Search                Word search          Word Search
      Word Scramble       Word Scramble        Word Scramble        Word Scramble            Word Scramble     Word Scramble
      Riddles                    Riddles                     Riddles                     Riddles                         Riddles                  Riddles


     Word Search            Word Search            Word Search                Word Search          Word Search           Word Search
     Word Scramble        Word Scramble        Word Scramble            Word Scramble      Word Scramble       Word Scramble
     Riddles                     Riddles                     Riddles                          Riddles                  Riddles                    Riddles