by Kathleen W. Deady


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Published by Capstone Press

(Fact Finders, Questions
and Answers: Countries)


Spring 2005

ISBN: 0736837590 


32 pages

Reading level grade 2-3

Interest level grades 2-5



Did you know?


Rwandan children make
soccer balls from rolled banana
leaves, plastic bags, or rags.


Few people in Rwanda have cars.
Most people walk or ride bikes to
get where they need to go.


Music and dancing are a big part
of everyday life. Children start
to learn songs and dances when
they are very young.


Read about mountain gorillas,
families that live in groups of buildings
called rugos, Rwanda's history and
recent civil wars that killed
many people, and much more.
Plus learn to speak Kinyarwanda,
one of three official languages.




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