Saudi Arabia
by Kathleen W. Deady


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Published by Capstone Press

(Fact Finders, Questions
and Answers: Countries)


Spring 2005

ISBN: 0736837604 


32 pages

Reading level grade 2-3

Interest level grades 2-5



Did you know?


The national dance of Saudi Arabia
is the men's sword dance, called the ardha. 


Sheep, goats, and camels provide
both meat and milk for the
people of Saudi Arabia.


Camel and horse racing are very popular.
 As many as 30,000 people watch
the King's Camel Race every year.


Read about the nomads that roam
the deserts, what children study in school,
Muslim holidays, family life, and much more.
Plus learn how to speak Arabic, 
the official language.




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