by Margret Rey
With Pictures  by H. A. Rey
c. 1944
Harper & Row, Pub.

      H. A. and Margret Rey were best known
      for their Curious George stories. However,
      they wrote a number of other books together.
      H. A. also illustrated titles by other authors.
      Do you remember any of their other books?
      Here are two from my collection.

Katy No-Pockets
Story by Emmy Payne
Pictures by H. A. Rey
c. 1944
Houghton Mifflin


Previously I featured the book A Little  Child, illustrated by Elizabeth Orton Jones. I recently acquired Small Rain by the same illustrator. Enjoy a peek at this Caldecott Honor Book. 

Small Rain
Chosen by Jessie Orton Jones
Illustrated by Elizabeth Orton Jones
c. 1943
Viking Press


You are likely familiar with: 

Curious George by H. A. Rey
was published in 1941 by Houghton Mifflin

      George is the beloved monkey featured in 
      this and the other Curious George stories. 
      The original seven stories by  husband and
      wife team  H. A and Margret Rey  also include:

      Curious George Takes a  Job (1947), 
      Curious George Rides a Bike (1952)
      Curious George Gets a Medal (1957)
      Curious George Flies a Kite (1958), 
      Curious George Learns the Alphabet (1963) 
      Curious George Goes to the Hospital (1966)

But are you familiar with: 

Cecily G. and the 9 Monkeys
by H. A. Rey
c. 1942
Houghton Mifflin Company

        When first  published in France in 1939, the 
        story was called Raffi and the 9 Monkeys. 
        One of the monkeys was named Fifi. When 
        republished in the US in 1942, Raffi's name
        was changed to Cecily. Fifi was renamed 
        George. So Raffi and the 9 Monkeys was
        the first story in which Curious George 
        appeared. In 1939, a star was born!



A Little Child
The Christmas Miracle 
Told in Bible Verses

Chosen by Jessie Orton Jones
Illustrated by Elizabeth Orton Jones

The Viking Press
First Edition

My brother found this book for  me. He didnít realize
that the illustrator, Elizabeth Orton Jones, is one of 
the women profiled in Women of Granite.

Elizabeth especially liked drawing children. In 1944, 
she won a Caldecott Honor for her illustrations in 
Small Rain
. The following year she won the Caldecott
Medal for Prayer for a Child. Learn more about 
Elizabeth and her work in Women of Granite.

Elizabeth died in 2005 at age 94. Thanks to my brother,
I  have a little piece of her work to enjoy and share. 


 Here's my latest addition to my collection:

Little Lost Kitten 
By Lois Lovett
Pictures by Dale Maxey
1962, first edition

Thanks Chris. 
It has a good home.


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