Women of the Bay State:
25 Massachusetts Women You Should Know
by The Write Sisters
(Kathleen W. Deady, Contributor)
Illustrated by Lisa Greenleaf



America's Notable Women Series


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        New! A series featuring prominent and often 

          under-recognized women from every state, the
          book is a must for both classroom and library.
Children will love this easy-to-use introduction
          to research.


          Each profile includes:

·        One or two illustrations of the woman

·        A turning-point event in the person’s life

·        A short biography

·        “Tidbits” – fascinating additional facts about the profiled woman or her times.

·        An extensive timeline

·        Ideas for further reading and research

·        A glossary of unfamiliar words.


          The book is perfect for units on women’s studies,
          American history, biography, or just for fun. Each
          chapter has been extensively researched. A partial
          adult bibliography appears at the end of the book.
The complete research bibliography is available in
          downloadable PDF format from
Apprentice Shop Books.



Published by Apprentice Shop Books 


April 2009


ISBN 0-9723410-5-6

$16, Paperback

136 pages

Grade 4-5



Did You Know?


Anne Bradstreet lost a collection of over 

800 books when their house burned.
After the fire, she wrote her poem, 
"Upon the Burning of Our House, 
July 10, 1666."


 Maria Mitchell was the first woman
   astronomer in the United States. However,
     she also worked hard for women's 
education and equal rights.


After retiring from skating, Tenley 
Albright went on to become a doctor.
She was one of only five women in
her class at Harvard Medical School.





Read about these and 22 other
 remarkable women from Massachusetts.
Each profile includes a biography, illustrations,
a timeline, additional fun facts, sources
for further reading, and a glossary.  






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