The Titanic
by Kathleen W. Deady


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Published by Capstone Press
(Capstone High-Interest Books,

 Disaster! Series)


Fall 2002

ISBN: 0-7368-1323-3 


32 pages
Reading level grades 3-4
Interest level grades 3-9



Did you know?


The Titanic crew had received warnings of 
icebergs in the area, but had not slowed down.


The crew was not using binoculars, as  was
 usual, to search for danger ahead. The
ship was already too close to the 
iceberg when it was finally spotted. 


Read lots more about that tragic night, as
 well as how the Titanic was designed
and built, what investigators discovered
 went wrong, new safety regulations that
resulted, and the location in 1985 of the
Titanic in over 12000 feet of water.


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