The Hindenburg
by Kathleen W. Deady


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Published by Capstone Press
(Capstone High-Interest Books,

 Disaster! Series)


Fall 2002

ISBN: 0-7368-1321-7


32 pages
Reading level grades 3-4
Interest level grades 3-9



Did you know?


  The Hindenburg was 260 feet above the
ground when a small flame burst from the
rear end. In only 34 seconds, the ship was a
pile of burning wreckage on the ground.


The designer of the Hindenburg planned to
 use helium, which is not flammable, to lift
the ship. However, he could not afford
to buy enough and used highly
 flammable hydrogen instead.


Read lots more details about the
Hindenburg disaster, as well as the design
of the largest airship ever built, theories
about what caused the disaster, and 
renewed interest in airships.


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