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The following are some of the programs I can offer. The length of the presentations and appropriate grade levels are guidelines to help when planning a visit. Please feel free to discuss how I can combine aspects of programs, or tailor a program to meet your classroom or library needs.    

Time guidelines for programs:
                                       Grades K-1: 35-40 minutes
                                       Grades 2-3: 45-50 minutes
                                       Grades 4-6: 50-60 minutes

General Author Presentations        

Creating Books: What Authors Do    (Grades k-6)

Where do authors get ideas? How do ideas become books? This general program about what authors do and how books are made discusses both fiction and nonfiction, and includes rough draft and  revisions, dummies, stages of artwork from rough artist sketches to finished artwork, and reading of my picture book Itís Time!, plus pictures, hands on items, and questions to engage the children. 

The Fun of Nonfiction    (Grades 2-6)

What was life like in the colonies? How big is a grizzly claw or a great white shark tooth? Hear
about space walks and sports, disasters and ancient civilizations. Pictures, props, cool facts, 
and demonstrations help excite kids about reading and writing nonfiction. Presentation includes
discussion of research, organizing information, and writing to guidelines, and leaves time for 
questions at the end. Program and books discussed is tailored to the age of the audience.


Programs with Curriculum Connections: 

Predators in the Wild: (Grades k-6)

Do sharks chew their prey or swallow it whole? What techniques do grizzlies use for finding food? How do hawks see tiny prey from far above the ground? This fun and educational presentation takes a look at three different kinds of  predators in the wild. Learn about the incredible skills each predator uses for successful hunting and survival. Plus, how does each fit into the world with humans.

Zoos: From Ancient to Modern   (grades 3-6)

This fun and educational program starts with a brief discussion of the history of zoos, then looks at todayís modern zoos. Learn how the caretakers care for the animals, how they keep the animals from getting bored, how they present food like in their natural habitat, and what happens the animals get sick. Hear about the work zoos do with breeding, increasing populations of endangered animals, and releasing them back into the wild. Includes reading of Out and about at the Zoo, as well as pictures, props, demonstrations, and questions to engage the children and test their knowledge.

Ancient Civilizations   (Grades 3-6)                 

This fun and education program introduces children to the ancient civilizations of Egypt and China. Learn how these societies developed and prospered for so long. Includes fun facts about what life was like in ancient times, clothing, food, games and entertainment, as well as some of the incredible technology and inventions. Includes pictures, hands on items, and demonstrations. One hour program for about grades 3 and up . 

Countries of the World   (Grades 2-6)                

Learn about life around the world with this fun introduction to other countries and cultures.
Discussions may include a variety of topics, including comparisons of different geographical
features, climates, clothing, foods, wildlife, holidays, and music. How many of these countries 
can you locate on a world map? Learn to speak Urdu, Kinyarwanda, or Gaelic. Program includes 
pictures, hands on items and demonstration, as well as fun, cool facts learned while researching the books.  Program can be tailored to your curriculum needs, as well as the age of the audience.

Discover America  (Grades 2-6)                     

Are your children studying the founding and growth of America? This educational, fun program
looks at a variety of our states and what makes them unique. We will discuss and compare fun
facts about the states, such as distinctive geography, history, unique animals, state symbols, and famous people from the state

Women in History  Grades 3/4-8                

Bring history to life for your children through the stories of outstanding women who have helped shape America, including early settlers, stage coach drivers, scientists, former slaves, suffragists, and business women. Designed to tie in with units on biography and American history, this lively program includes discussion of the research and writing process, pictures, readings, costumes and props for dramatic reenactments, and time for questions.

          Variations: Program can focus on individual states
                             Women in New Hampshire History
Women In Massachusetts History  
                             Women in California History
                             Women in Texas History
                             Women in Connecticut History (coming soon)

Space Walks or Satellites Grades 1-2 (best presented with smaller groups)                  

Children will learned about how astronauts walk in space, while reading the book Space Walks together as a group and being introduced to nonfiction research in order to make their own books on space walks. (Program can be adapted to Satellites if preferred)


Other Possible Programs might include a focus on the following topics:

Colonial America: The New Hampshire Colony
    The Massachusetts Bay Colony
The Rhode Island Colony

National Landmarks: Statue of Liberty
  Lincoln Memorial

Disasters: Titanic

Sports: Extreme Rock Climbing
Extreme Mountain Biking
BMX Bikes


Small Group Programs:

Story Time   (preschool-1st grade)

Ideal for the preschool/kindergarten classroom or library story hour. This lively program
includes a reading of It's Time! and related activities, such as a retelling of the story using a flannel board (sequencing) and related word games (rhyming words and beginning sounds).
We'll talk about what an author does, and briefly explore the difference between fiction and

You Be the Illustrator   (k-3rd grade)                     

This program is geared to individual class groups. A great introduction to how books are made, from ideas to drafts and revisions, to stages of artwork to the finished book. Includes a reading of All Year Long, followed by a hands on craft activity designed to demonstrate how the artwork was created by the illustrator.   



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