The Rhode Island Colony 
by Kathleen W. Deady


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Published by Capstone Press

(Fact Finders: The American Colonies)


Fall 2005

ISBN: 0736826823 


32 pages

Reading level grade 3-4

Interest level grades 3-5



Did you know?


Before the Europeans arrived,
 the Narragansett were the
most powerful group of 
American Indians in the area.


A Puritan Minister named Roger
Williams fled from Massachusetts.
He founded Providence, Rhode
Island's first English settlement. 


By the early 1700s, some
Rhode Island farmers owned 
plantations and bought
slaves from Africa.


Read about how the Narragansett
Indians helped Roger Williams, how
Rhode Island got the nickname
Rogue's Island, everyday life in
the colony, and much more.
Plus learn how Rhode Island
became our thirteenth state.




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