The New Hampshire Colony 
by Kathleen W. Deady


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Published by Capstone Press

(Fact Finders: The American Colonies)



Fall 2005

ISBN: 07368-2677-7 


32 pages

Reading level grade 3-4

Interest level grade 3-5



Did you know?


Many colonists first came from
Massachusetts to settle in New 
Hampshire. They wanted to escape the
strict religious rules in Massachusetts.


The New Hampshire colonists used
  the many trees in the forests to build
 homes and boats. White pines that
grew to 100 feet tall were perfect 
for the masts on sailing ships.


Most New Hampshire towns
 were built around a meetinghouse
 The settlers gathered there for 
important meetings. On Sundays, the
meeting house was used for church.


Read about the Algonquin Indians,
who lived in New Hampshire for
thousands of years, the first schools,
the French and Indian War, and
much more. Plus learn how New 
Hampshire became our ninth state.







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