Extreme Mountain Biking Moves
by Kathleen W. Deady

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Published by Capstone Press 
(Capstone High-Interest Books, 
Behind the Moves Series)

Spring 2003
ISBN: 0-7368-1513-9
32 pages
Reading level grades 3-4
Interest level grades 3-9


Did you know?

Extreme mountain bikers do moves with 
names like bunny hops, wheelies, tailwhips
and kickturns, as well as tabletops, 
tweaks, and pogos.

Some long distance endurance races may
last several days. Others are short, high
speed downhill races that may reach more
 that 60 miles per hour.

Read lots more about the different types of
mountain biking moves, as well as safety
equipment and competitions.
Plus learn the
meaning of terms like banana scraper, brain
bucket, death cookies, and biff

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