The Write Sisters 

   We came together in 1989, a handful of writers from a number of towns in southern New 
We began as strangers, but soon discovered we had much in common. We
   struggled with the same
issues, jobs, raising young children, never enough hours in the
   day, and a passionate commitment to writing for children. 

   Some members left, new members joined. Over the years, a core group of members grew
   into a solid group of writers, offering each other support, encouragement, and friendship
   through many ups and downs, both professionally and personally. I am proud to call them
   both my colleagues and friends.

                                                                                                                    --- Kathy


Janet Buell

     As a rule, Janet wasn't a naughty child, but
     for a short few months in 1960, she and her
     best friend played Mushy Dolls. The game
     involved burying her Tiny Tears and other
     unfortunate doll victims beneath the
     cottonwood tree in the back yard. This may
     have been the first hint that Janet would
     become the author of such books as Bog  
     Bodies, Greenland Mummies, Ice Maiden of
     the Andes,
and Ancient Horsemen of Siberia.
Her latest book, Sail Away, Little Boat, is
     not the gross-out her earlier books are -- in
     fact, it's a picture book. When she's not
     hiking with her brainy cockapoo, Cooper,
     Janet's zipping around New England on her
     Harley. Website coming soon.


Muriel L. Dubois

    Muriel is the award-winning author of more
    than 35 books for children including New
    Hampshire Facts and Symbols
, To My
    Countrywomen: The Life
of Sarah Josepha 
, and Abenaki Captive. She enjoys
    speaking to children and adults about writing
    and publishing.  Muriel writes from her home
    in Bedford, New Hampshire where she also
    spends part of the day letting her two dogs in
    and out of the back yard.  Learn more at





Diane Mayr 

     As a child, Diane spent many Saturdays at
     the local movie theater enjoying such films
     as Old Yeller and House of Usher. She has
     fond memories of malted milk balls rolling 
     down the theater aisle. Today Diane still goes
     to movies, but more often her time is spent
     writing. Her published works for children 
     include the picture books, Littlebat's
     Halloween Story,
and Run, Turkey, Run!,
     The Everything Kids' Money Book, and
     articles, activities, poems, stories in
     magazines such as Spider. Her articles on
     writing have appeared in The Writer. Diane
     also works as an adult services librarian in
     a public library. Learn more at


Andrea Murphy 

    Before her first book was published, Andrea
    spent the better part of 2 decades writing
    preschool curriculum and reading picture
    books to her students at the Hogarth Country
    Day School.  Her published works include the
    nonfiction book Portraits of the States:
and the picture book Out and About
    at the Dairy Farm
.  Before she converted her
    barn into a school and opened Hogarth, Andy
    owned two Guernsey dairy cows. Happily, she
    no longer rises at 4:30 a.m. to hand-milk
    cows. Learn more at




Barbara Turner

     Barbara writes YA and MG novels, so of
     course, her published work consists of picture
     books – A Little Bit of Rob (Albert Whitman)
     and Out and About at the Orchestra (Picture
     Window Books) as well as short stories and
     poetry. As a child, she liked to read about
     people in far away places, and as a teen
     discovered SF/Fantasy, which took her to
     really far away places.  Tired of traveling
     alone, she now creates her own little worlds,
     hoping others will take the journey with her. 
     Her website is near completion and will be
     available for viewing when, and if, she
     returns from her latest jaunt to far way. 


Sally Wilkins

   As a child Sally hid a flashlight under the
    covers to finish a chapter after lights out.
    In college she once walked into a lamppost
    because she was reading while walking down
    the sidewalk. Yes, she’s a bookworm. The
    fatter the book, the better! One day Sally
    finished an article in a magazine and realized
    she knew the author. It had never occurred
    to her that real people actually wrote all those
    things she loved to read! Now she’s a writer,
    too. Her favorite subjects are history and
    science. Her fattest book is Sports and Games
    of Medieval Cultures
. And her favorite hobby
    is hunting down and reading all those books
    she loved years ago. Learn more at