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"Ornamented with Cuts"

This charming little "children's booklet," just 2 by 3 inches and now almost 200 years old, was recently found in the large amount of my family's memorabilia spanning the 19th and 20th century, which includes many books and pictures dating to before the civil war, personal diaries of ancestors, genealogy pie charts detailing our family tree (meticulously compiled by my brother before the help of the internet), World War I and World War II articles and correspondence, and much more.  

At the top of the cover page, you can see the faint image of the name Benj. P. Burpee.  Benjamin Pratt Burpee (Aug 27, 1818-Nov 8, 1888) was my great great grandfather. This little booklet evidently belonged to him when he was six or seven years old. What a little treasure to find!

One of Benjamin Pratt Burpee's children was William Byron Burpee (September 8, 1864-September 12, 1932). William had one child, my grandfather Benjamin Prescott Burpee (March 20, 1889-Nov. 27, 1958)  For more family fun, see Topsys & Turvys, 1893, which belonged to my grandfather and The Birds' Christmas Carol, 1929, owned by my mother.



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