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Published by Gareth Stevens

(Portraits of the States)

Fall 2005
ISBN: 083684632X


32 pages

Reading level grades 2 and up

Interest level ages 6 and up



Did you know?


The Ohio River, along the state's
southern border, is one of the largest
 rivers in North America. The name
Ohio comes from an Iroquois word
meaning great water. The state
takes its name from the river.


Ohio is home to many famous people,
including sharpshooter Annie Oakley,
movie director Steven Spielberg,
and Rutherford B. Hayes, one of
seven men from Ohio who became
president of the United States.


Read about Ohio's lakes and rivers,
the wildlife that lives throughout the
state, how the people of the state
earn a living, and the many fun
things to do and places to visit.
Plus learn about Ohio's history and
how it became our 17th state.



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