by Kathleen W. Deady

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Published by Capstone Press

(Bridgestone Books,

Land of Liberty Series )

Fall 2003
ISBN: 0 7368 21821


64 pages

Reading level grades 4-5

Interest level grades 3-9


Did you know?


Vicksburg National Cemetery is the largest
Civil War cemetery in the country and the
second largest national cemetery. Only
Arlington National Cemetery is larger. At
116 acres, Vicksburg is the the final resting
place for 17,000 Union soldiers.


Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi
 on January 8, 1935.


On February 25 1870, Hiram Rhoades Revels
 of Mississippi became the first African
 American member of the U.S. Senate.



Read lots of fun facts about Mississippi. 
Learn about the history, the land and wildlife,
 and the people and culture of this historic southern
state. Plus learn to make Mississippi Mud Cake!



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