Grizzly Bears
by Kathleen W. Deady


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Published by Capstone Press
(Capstone High-Interest Books,

 Predators in the Wild Series)


Spring  2002

ISBN: 0-7368-1063-3


32 pages
Reading level grades 3-4
Interest level grades 3-9



Did you know?


Some grizzlies can stand 10 feet tall 
when upright on their hind legs. 


Grizzlies have an excellent sense of smell, 
and can smell dead animal flesh a mile away.


Grizzlies sometimes ambush their prey,
 hiding along a trail and then attacking
 them from behind.


Read about how fast grizzlies can run, 
how they hunt and kill their prey,
how to prevent attacks by grizzlies, 
threats to the grizzly bears of North America,
 and more. Plus myths versus facts of 
North America.


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