Ancient Egypt 
by Kathleen W. Deady


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Published by Capstone Press

(Social Studies, Grades 3-9,

Early Civilizations Series )


Spring 2004
ISBN: 0 7368 2467 7


48 pages

Reading level grades 3-4

Interest level grades 3-9



Did you know?


Ancient Egyptians believed their king
 was the god Horus in human form.


The Ancient Egyptians timed the
  planting and harvesting of their
crops around the annual flooding
of the Nile River.


Egyptians created a simple form of
arithmetic based on units of tens, hundreds,
and thousands. Our decimal system today
is based on the early Egyptian system.



Read lots of fun facts about Ancient Egypt.
Learn about the development, beliefs, and
achievements of this advanced civilization
that flourished on the banks of the Nile
River several thousand years ago.



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