Ancient China: Beyond the Great Wall 
by Kathleen W. Deady

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Published by Capstone Press

(Fact Finders, Great Civilizations Series )


ISBN: 978- 1-4296-6829-6


32 pages

Reading level grades 3-4

Interest level grades 3-6



Did you know?


The Ancient Chinese used the

movement of the sun to help

them keep track of time. They used

the stars to guide their way at night.


The Great Wall of China is 

about 5,500 miles long. It is the

longest structure ever built.


The ancient Chinese learned 

how to make gunpowder. They 

invented fireworks and rockets.


Learn about the history and 

struggles, the great leaders, the

many achievements in science, 

art, and medicine, and the 

legacy of one of the oldest 

  civilizations in the world.  




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