All Year Long
by Kathleen W. Deady
art by Linda Bronson




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Artwork @2004 by Linda Bronson

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Published by Carolrhoda Books
(Lerner Publishing Groups)
February 2004
ISBN: 1-57505-537-6

Ages 3-8
Hardcover: 32 pages


"I know it's spring when robins sing
and tulips give a nod, 

When grass grows green
and bass are seen on Daddy's fishing rod."

 Take a journey through the sights and
 sounds of the four seasons--
 from flowers blooming in the spring, 
to butterflies fluttering by in the summer,
 to leaves blowing off the trees in the fall,
and finally to snowflakes drifting
 gently in the winter.


        ---"I know it's spring when robins sing,/ and
   tulips give a nod," begins Deady's ebullient young
   narrator as she embarks on a winsome dance
   through the seasons . . . In Bronson's curvilinear,
   stylized collages, buttons transform into blossoms,
   painted stones become the logs of a campfire, and
   cotton balls represent woolly lambs . . . Deady
   brings her poem satisfyingly full circle ("Mama's
   cocoa keeps us warm/ from winter until spring,/
   When, if I listen closely.../ I'll hear a robin sing"),
   and translates nature's rhythms into children's own,
    immediate terms . . . But most winning of all is the
    book's narrator . . . she's the very picture of
    year-round joie de vivre.   ~Publisher's Weekly


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